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Presentations & Publications

Topics Offered:

Songwriting & Mental Health

Experiential Learning in the Classroom Setting

Expressive Arts in the Classroom Setting

Sexual Pain

     Dispelling the Myths of Women Living with Sexual "Dysfunction"


Available for consultation and presentations in mental health, education, classroom, and theatre settings.




The following is a list of various organizations I have presented with:

Association for Women in Psychology

California State University, Fullerton

Florida State University

Georgia State University

Camp Broadway


All the Arts for All the Kids


Johnny Mercer Foundation

      States/cities include California, New Orleans, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, & New York




Links to Articles/Publications

Sexuality/Sexual Pain

FIU Expressive Arts

JMF Songwriting


Sari Rose Barron leading an Expressive Arts Presentation to Educators
Sari Rose Barron leading educators in Expressive Arts Presentation
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